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Una vez que inicias una transacción, los mensajes son cifrados de extremo a extremo, así tu privacidad está segura. El único momento donde podremos ver tus mensajes es cuando alguna de las partes inicie una disputa.
Eres el comprador.
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1 ETH = $351.51

El vendedor fijó este precio (continua solo si estás de acuerdo)

Acerca del vendedor

  • 100% de buena reputación
  • Registrado en abril 2019
  • En línea ahora
  • ~375 transacciones
  • Volumen de ~$15,000



Términos de la transacción

Keep in mind that Im not always online so it might take me up to 4h to see your trade request.

If you open more then 1 trade at the same time then I will have to cancel them. Just one trade at a time please.

Warning#1: because of fraudulent paypal call backs, I will release the escrow only 24h after this procedure has been completed.

Warning#2:trading can take a long time to complete because it involves several different systems like the blockchain, and paypal and the emails. So if you are in a hurry then don't trade with me.

1) Start the trade and I will give you my email for the next step
2) Send me an email asking me to sell you the ETH. This email MUST be the same as the Paypal email that will send the payment from. And it must also be like your LocalEthereum id. If your paypal email is different then your originating amail address then I will cancel the trade
3) I will reply to your email to confirm and I will fund the escrow at this point
4) Send the payment via Paypal as a friend or family. Use the same paypal address as in step 2. My paypal address is the same as my email address. If your paypal address is different then your email address then I will NOT release the ETH and I will return your payment
5) After you have received the ETH, reply to the previous email and say that you have received the ETH and that you are satisfied with the trade

PS: Step 5 is vital to this procedure. If you dont send me that email then I will not trade with you again and I will report you to Paypal AND LocalEthereum.

Also… Because there is a lot of fraudulent call backs on Paypal, I will not trade more then once a DAY until you have a total of 10 trades with me. If you get to this point then you can use my other paypal offer that has a higher maximum