PayPal es un método de pago muy riesgoso, pues es susceptible de fraude por pago reversible. Recomendamos hacer transacciones solo con los compradores más confiables al utilizar PayPal. O mejor aún, evita PayPal a toda costa.

Iniciar Transacción

Una vez que inicias una transacción, los mensajes son cifrados de extremo a extremo, así tu privacidad está segura. El único momento donde podremos ver tus mensajes es cuando alguna de las partes inicie una disputa.
Eres el vendedor.
El comprador te enviará dinero vía PayPal.

1 BTC = $9,935.56

El comprador fijó este precio (continua solo si estás de acuerdo)

Acerca del comprador

  • 99% de buena reputación
  • Registrado en noviembre 2019
  • Visto hace 3 horas
  • ~3,300 transacciones*
  • Volumen de ~$150,000


Friends&Family=NO FEES!

Términos de la transacción

0. Only fast and easy trades here! :)
1. NO refunds!
2. I’m NOT responsible if you will provide wrong/broken/not verified PayPal details. See p. 1 again in that case
3. I do NOT consent to any delay of escrow release
4. If you provide 3rd party PayPal email to pay - by opening of this trade you are obliged to release escrow right after you receive a proof of payment (screenshot)
5. I may by my own decision deny to trade with you / to put your custom reference for payment
6. If you open a trade from another region of the world, PayPal may bill me for sending overseas. In that case I will deduct this amount from total sum to send
7. Always fund escrow both for btc and eth with MAX fee - it’s really worth to spend this 1-2$ to not to wait for hours or even days awaiting for confirmations. Moreover, if it will take too long to confirm and rate will fall dramatically - I save my right to cancel the trade, so PUT MAX FEE EVERYTIME, please, to save both mine and yours time, nerves and money!
8. If you haven’t read all this terms before opening the trade - they still are applicable, and it’s still only yours responsibility that you were inattentive
9. If you will break these rules on purpose - I will do my best to block your account.