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Una vez que inicias una transacción, los mensajes son cifrados de extremo a extremo, así tu privacidad está segura. El único momento donde podremos ver tus mensajes es cuando alguna de las partes inicie una disputa.
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  • 100% de buena reputación
  • Registrado en marzo 2020
  • Visto hace 22 horas
  • ~140 transacciones
  • Volumen de ~$7,500



Términos de la transacción

Attention :Transaction under this advertisement ,Only accept payment by China Alipay. Refuse other forms of payment transaction.
My Alipay information will ONLY provide in the trade chat dialog.
注意:在本交易广告下,只支持中国的支付宝付款交易 拒绝其他付款方式
只支持实名付款,支付宝姓名不一致的不放币 拒绝其他人为你代付
如有必要,需加支付宝好友沟通确认后再付款交易 并提供支付宝信息付款信息截图 谢谢理解
Attention :
Please confirm that you can complete the payment within 5 minutes before issuing the transaction request.

Alipay payment does not comment any messages / information.

Only real-name payment is supported, and those with different Alipay names are not allowed to transfer coins. Refuse others to pay for you.

Contact me after creat the order. I provide Alipay information and payment information.

If necessary, you need to add my Alipay friends to communicate and confirm before making payment. And provide screenshots of Alipay information and payment information. Thank you for understanding.
付款即默认同意以上条款 (Payment is by default agreed to the above terms)