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Une fois que vous ouvrez une transaction, les messages sont cryptés de bout en bout afin de protéger votre vie privée. Le seul cas où nous pouvons lire vos messages est si l'une ou l'autre des parties initie un litige.
Vous êtes le vendeur.
L'acheteur déposera de l'argent en espèces sur votre compte bancaire dans une agence.

1 BTC = $6,019.08

L'acheteur a choisi ce prix - ne continuez que si vous êtes à l'aise avec lui.

A propos de l'acheteur

  • 100% bonne rétroaction
  • Enregistré octobre 2017
  • Vu 17 heures il y a
  • ~3,100 échanges*
  • ~$42,500 volume


Vegas Banks Cash or MO

Termes de l'échange

Generic terms for all trades can be seen here:
Please read before our first trade.
Not enough characters allowed here.

Advertised Price Always used, as long as I have the funds.

Cash Ad=Cash only

***Please Use $5 Increments***
Info in first message for fastest deposit.

*See below for important info about your bank*

Business or Personal?
NAME- First and Last
Account Number:
NO Routing Number Needed

Cash into Business or Personal:

Shared Branch Credit Union
U.S. Bank
Citi Bank

Cash into Business Accounts or Credit Card:

Wells Fargo
Bank of America

For One time use links or PGP include bank and last 4 of acct in the clear in chat

Branch Hours.

Wells Fargo Business
M-F 9A-6p
Sat 9a-2p

US Bank
Open Sunday and Holidays
** Personal $495 max **
m-f 10a-7p
sat 10a-4p
sun noon-4p
Personal Over $500 see link above for MO/Cashier's check

Chase Business Cash.
M-F 8:30a-6p
Sat 9a-2p

Bank Of America Business
M-Thurs 9a-5p
Friday 9am-6p
Saturday 9a-1p

Co-Op Credit Union
Small trades will get low priority it's usually a long drive.
M-F 7a-4p

Small trades will get low priority it's usually a long drive
M-T 10a-5p
Fri 10a-6p
Sat 10a-2p

BofA, Chase, WF, USBank are a block away from me, I might be in the parking lot.

Citi, CU, NavyFCU Bank Of the West, Town & Country, and other Las Vegas Banks available about 5mi away.

After the deposit I will say sent
Login an check your bank transactions/balance, I will send a receipt pic showing cash, and mark paid. Release is expected soon after you verify funds are good. Sat/sun it might say pending, same day release expected.