खुला ट्रेड

एक बार जब आप कोई ट्रेड खोलते हैं, तो संदेश एंड-टू-एंड एन्क्रिप्टेड होते हैं ताकि आपकी गोपनीयता सुरक्षित रहे। हम आपके संदेश केवल एक ही मामले में पढ़ सकते हैं, अगर कोई पक्ष विवाद शुरू करता है, केवल तभी।
आप buyer हैं
Send money to the seller's Revolut account.

1 BTC = £8,314.54

विक्रेता ने यह मूल्य चुना है - केवल तभी जारी रखें जब आप इसके साथ सहज हों।

विक्रेता के बारे में

  • 100% अच्छा फ़ीडबैक
  • पंजीकृत सितम्बर २०१७
  • अभी ऑनलाइन है
  • ~180 ट्रेड्स*
  • ~$350,000 वॉल्यूम


Instant and reliable service

ट्रेड करने की शर्तें

Once the trade is started, please write the the following details in the chat:

1. Your legal full name;
2. Your bank details (bank name, sort code and account number);
3. Send a copy of your ID (Identity card, passport or driving license) here;
4. Send a photo of you holding your ID with a paper showing today's date;
5. Attach a picture of your ID held next to the laptop or phone screen showing this trade page (with the full screen and browser address bar visible).

After you are given the bank details and have made the transfer, please attach a last photo of your ID held next to the laptop or phone screen showing the online payment (with the full screen and browser address bar visible).

Why is ID Required?
- This gives additional protection against fraudulent purchases and helps protects against fraudulent payments.
- This is a common Fraud Prevention practice to stop hackers/fraudsters from using other people's bank account login details to purchase Bitcoin on Localethreum platform and also to comply with UK's Anti Money Laundering/Know Your Customers (AML/KYC) regulations.

Please follow these simple steps and help us to keep Localethereum safe platform for trading.

All terms must be followed.

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