Buka Dagangan

Apabila anda membuka dagangan, mesej disulitkan akhir ke akhir agar privasi anda dilindungi. Kes di mana kami boleh membaca mesej anda ialah jika satu pihak memulakan pertikaian.
Anda adalah pembeli.
Hantar wang dalam talian ke akaun PayPal penjual.

1 BTC = €11.163

Penjual memilih harga ini — teruskan hanya jika anda selesa dengannya.

Tentang penjual

  • 100% maklum balas baik
  • Daftar pada Januari 2020
  • Dalam talian sekarang
  • 3 dagangan
  • ~$250 jumlah


PAYPAL-->BTC - KYC requested

Terma perdagangan

On first trade I need to verify correspondence between ID and Paypal user profile.
I need so an ID confirmation photo that is a picture of you, holding your readable ID doc next to your face to allow for facial confirmation of the ID. In addition to the ID, you should also hold a piece of paper that says " Only for use by gavriloBTC" next to your face. The piece of paper should include the current date.
I need also a screenshot of your Paypal profile page where is visible Name Surname and email . All datas have to match with those on ID card.
After positive verification I will give you the datas for payment.
Paypal payment with parents&friends method or paypal fees will be on your charge (about 5%)
If you don't agree this policy, please cancel the trade and free my bitcoins in escrow. Offers up to 50€ have a fixed fee of 10€.
Contact me with " I understand the terms".
For fast contacts see bottom of this advertising,
Visto l'alto numero di truffe, è richiesta la corrispondenza tra il cliente, il suo documento di identità (selfie CON DATA ODIERNA e documento di identità leggibile in mano) e screenshot del profilo utente paypal (devo poter leggere lo stesso nome e cognome del documento di identità, saldo del conto paypal e email) per chiudere positivamente la trattativa. Il pagamento paypal dovrà essere fatto con il metodo amici&parenti o le commissioni sono a carico dell'acquirente (5% circa dell'importo). Fino all'importo di 50€ di ordine la commissione fissa è di 10€.
cell. 349-3249622 - SMS - Whatsapp
e-mail :gavrilo66@gmail.com
SKYPE/TELEGRAM :gavrilobtc