Buka Dagangan

Apabila anda membuka dagangan, mesej disulitkan akhir ke akhir agar privasi anda dilindungi. Kes di mana kami boleh membaca mesej anda ialah jika satu pihak memulakan pertikaian.
Anda adalah pembeli.
Gunakan aplikasi perbankan untuk menjana kod kutipan tunai tanpa kad.

1 BTC = A$17,262.29

Penjual memilih harga ini — teruskan hanya jika anda selesa dengannya.

Tentang penjual

  • 100% maklum balas baik
  • Daftar pada November 2019
  • Dalam talian sekarang
  • ~170 trades*
  • ~$30,000 jumlah



Terma perdagangan

IMPORTANT WARNING: Do NOT continue with this cardless cash transaction if the account you are using is NOT YOUR ACCOUNT! If you provide me with a cardless cash code which is either CANCELLED or INCORRECT then I will assume that you are trying to commit fraud with an account that does not belong to you! I WILL then give you NEGATIVE FEEDBACK and identify u as a cardless cash fraudster! So if u are not 100% sure that the code will work then it is best for you to CANCEL the trade NOW… I will not leave u any negative feedback if u cancel now before providing me with a cardless code …
Of course if you are 100% sure you are the bona fide owner of the account then there will be no problems with the code when I use it at the ATM so u may proceed with the trade ;)
Please begin the trade chat by confirming that u have read and understood my warning and that u confirm that u will be transacting from YOUR OWN account!

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This is the easiest, quickest, most convenient and anonymous way of purchasing bitcoin!
You simply access your bank's mobile app from your smartphone. No need for you to go anywhere.

You can pay via cardless cash if you have a bank account with any of the following banks:
=> CBA
=> Westpac
=> St George
=> Bank SA
=> Bank of Melbourne
All of these banks offer a 'cardless cash' option whereby you use your bank's mobile application to initiate a cardless cash withdrawal. Using your phone app, you enter the amount of the withdrawal ($500 max) and then you will be given a pin code - which you then send to me and I will go to the ATM and draw the cash using the pin code(s) you send me. (If using CBA then select that it's for yourself and then they will sms the 4 digit pin to your own mobile)

Coins are released to you immediately after I pickup the cash!
All it takes from your side is less than a minute using your phone app and that's it.
The ATM only dispenses 20 and 50 dollar notes, so amounts must be multiples of 50 and/or 20 up to $500 , as that is the maximum that is dispensed.
If you have never used cardless cash before then feel free to view the following tutorials.
St George
Bank SA
Bank of Melbourne