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Use your banking app to generate a cardless cash collection code.

1 BTC = A$13,422.84

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About the seller

  • 99% good feedback
  • Registered August 2019
  • Seen 10 hours ago
  • ~180 trades
  • ~$60,000 volume


Westpac (+subs) Cardless Cash

Terms of trade

Westpac / StGeorge / Bank Of Melbourne / Bank SA Cardless Cash

1) You open the trade, all orders must be in multiples of $10.
2) I escrow the BTC.
3) You generate the cardless cash code.
4) You supply your cardless cash code for to me pick-up.
4) BTC is released to you immediately after I pickup the cash.

Note : If there are any issues a dispute will be opened on local cryptos to work through the issue, scammers will not receive any coins (don't waste my time and I won't waste yours).