It is currently outside this user's standard hours. You can still open a trade, however it may take longer than usual for the trader to respond.

Open Trade

Once you open a trade, messages are end-to-end encrypted so your privacy is protected. The only case where we can read your messages is if either party initiates a dispute.
You are the seller.
The buyer will transfer money from their account to your bank account.

1 ETH = THB8,256.80

The buyer chose this price — only continue if you’re comfortable with it.

About the buyer

  • 100% good feedback
  • Registered September 2017
  • Online now
  • ~875 trades
  • ~$1,500,000 volume


All Thai Banks (Ξ to ฿)

Terms of trade

You have ETH to sell, I have THB ready to transfer to your Thai bank account.

Transfers are instant to your bank. Ask if you need a receipt.

1. Check you have enough ETH to cover fees.

2. Open a trade with me - Say “hi” and let me know your bank, acct number and name. For Promptpay, Name and phone number. (I get an SMS on my phone within 5 minutes of your trade opening)

3. You can fund escrow immediately after saying "HI" (If I fail to fill your order in the time aloted, I'll refund you .02 ETH to cover fees)

4. I’ll make the payment to your THB account, and mark the trade paid.

5. You check you’ve received funds and then release the ETH from Escrow.

6. Done!

You are responsible for providing correct payment details. No illegal stuff.

Am often mobile - if so expect short responses, I may be driving.

If new, please this link to sign up: