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Walk into a branch and deposit money into the seller's account.

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Simple and Quick.

Terms of trade

1. For higher amounts, please contact me.

Escrow protects both the BUYER and SELLER.
Don't worry if i am not online. Just continue and make your deposit. You will get your coins once i get your Deposit.

2. This is for cash deposit at a credit union CO-OP. There are over 5,000+ shared branches. This means you have more locations close to your home to send money than most traditional banks.
To find your nearest location. Go to:

3. Make the deposit in cash only. Any other form of payment, other than Cash ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE for release of coins.
Deposit to: Credit Union
Account number: 100170755
Seller's state: CA.

(b). Check the teller receipt. The account number must be correct, and Cash in or cash deposit must be printed on the receipt, to confirm cash deposited by the buyer.

(c). Do not accept the receipt if cash is not printed on the receipt. Ask the teller to give a receipt with the word CASH printed on it.

4. SEND me confirmation of your payment. UPLOAD and send me the photo of the receipt,
All the 4 corners of the teller given receipt must be visible.

My Bank sends me a message every time a new payment is posted in my account. On receiving this message your Bitcoins are immediately sent to your bitcoin wallet. NOT SOONER - NOT LATER.
Plus i will give you positive feed back and expect the same from you.

Congratulations on your Bitcoin trade !

Thanks. For any clarifications, Please Text or call my mobile and whatsapp number +1 9167165514, or email to