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RIA money transfer

Terms of trade

RIA money transfer (VietNam receiver, accept payment from any sender's country)
Pls follow all our trade instruction (step by step) then we can complete this trade.
Buyer can send at RIA location or send ONLINE via RIA website.

* Step 1. we will update RECEIVER INFO (if you are ready to send payment)
* Step 2. you must send payment to our RECEIVER INFO (correct first name, last name and country)
* Step 3. after paid, send us FULL RECEIPT photo from RIA store or FULL SCREENSHOT of online payment
* Step 4. update payment information on your receipt, then we can pick up and confirm
* Step 5. you can click PAID on the current trade (or open new trade if old trade expired)

Can accept more transaction per day from one sender, if you want open trade with large amount, inform me and I will increase offer amount for you.
*** Receive your bitcoins in 1-3 working hours.
*** Pls get confirm about RECEIVER NAME from us for each payment.

VietNam RIA money transfer:
- Working hours: 08:00 AM to 16:30 PM
- Working days: 5 days/week
- VietNam local time: