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1 BTC = S$13,519.37

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  • 100% good feedback
  • Registered May 2018
  • Online now
  • ~1,200 trades*
  • ~$450,000 volume


1000+ 100% feedback on LBC

Terms of trade

Please contact me on Whatsapp +6594205936 first for trade confirmation and ID verification (for all buyers, to prevent 3rd party scams and money mules). I may not proceed with trade for whatever reason (busy or too volatile and whatnot).

ID verification requires you to send photo of your IC/passport over Whatsapp and then video call.

Singapore bank instant FAST transfer only.

Must be first party payment, i.e. the bank account name must be the same as your ID name. If your name doesn't show up as a sender in the transfer, I will ask for screenshots that show your bank account name and number and also payment receipt.

Upon confirmation I will give bank account details and fund escrow, thereafter please make payment within 15mins. Please quote only your mobile number and not state anything crypto related.

If the verification process takes too long and price moves against me adversely I may require you to cancel and reopen a new trade.

You confirm that your funds are legal and your purchase is only for lawful purpose, I may require further info to verify this.

Please don't proceed if you don't agree with all my terms above, otherwise I reserve the right to cancel the trade and forfeit any funds transferred to me.