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CashForCoin Pittsburgh

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I work at a laundromat. Feel free to also bring laundry, to either do yourself or have done for a dollar a pound.

Ugh… Dont even consider a shenanigan. Nope. And if you are, hell, try your luck. With a facemask and gun, your luck wont change. It's a matter of dignity here.

I expect that disclaimer to actually spare someone the thought. That's just life, i guess. Despite sounding rough around the edges, I've got manners and am bound by ethics. I'm a pretty alright guy and we already have something in common, so maybe also expect to shoot the @^!$ with me for a moment. Because, why not? haha.

And if there's other sellers in Pittsburgh, but you're only buying a small amount anyways, then please consider showing some love for the underdog. It's always appreciated.