Venmo is a high-risk payment method, as it is susceptible to chargeback fraud. We recommend trading with only the most trusted buyers when selling ETH via Venmo, or better yet, avoiding Venmo entirely.

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Once you open a trade, messages are end-to-end encrypted so your privacy is protected. The only case where we can read your messages is if either party initiates a dispute.
You are the seller.
The buyer will send you money online via Venmo.

1 ETH = $176.46

The buyer chose this price — only continue if you’re comfortable with it.

About the buyer

  • 100% good feedback
  • Registered November 2017
  • Seen 4 days ago
  • 11 trades
  • ~$850 volume


100% no charge backs.

Terms of trade

Trusted account history & trader, with secure Venmo account, with 100% no charge backs.

What is your Venmo ID?
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USA only, or else you might need to handle extra exchange fees on your side.