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Once you open a trade, messages are end-to-end encrypted so your privacy is protected. The only case where we can read your messages is if either party initiates a dispute.
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  • 98% good feedback
  • Registered April 2020
  • Seen 4 hours ago
  • ~95 trades*
  • ~$100,000 volume


"Fast release, 快速释放"English/中文

Terms of trade

交易前请仔细阅读(Please read carefully before trading)
1. 下单后和我联系,本人提供银行账户 (Contact me after creat the order and I will provide a China Union Pay qrcode .)
2. 不接受第三方代付资金 Third-party payments are not accepted
3. 不实名 不按指定账户汇款的一律不放行(Not real names, not remitted according to the specified account will not be released)
4. 请在10分钟内付款,否则有权取消订单(Please pay within 10 minutes, Otherwise, i have the right to cancel the trade.)
5. 打款不要备注任何比特币及虚拟数字货币字样 (DoNT comment on any bitcoin or virtual digital cash when making a payment)
6. 非法资金,后果自负 (Illegal funds, bear the relevant legal responsibility)
7. 如有必要,必须提供银行付款的详细截图及其他身份证明的必要文件 (If necessary, detailed screenshots of bank payments and other Identity certificate necessary documents must be provided.)
付款即默认同意以上条款(Payment is by default agreed to the above terms)