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1 ETH = S$283.02

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  • 90% good feedback
  • Registered March 2019
  • Online now
  • ~30 trades
  • ~$20,000 volume


Quick buy, less minimum sum

Terms of trade

Guys beware of phishing from email saying something about Anti Money Laundering and asking you to login to this site. Please be careful:

Trade Terms and Conditions:
Transfer Via PayNow SGD Or Bank Transfer ONLY
Fast release & No KYC needed, Unless name doesn't match with Sending if account is verified or Account not verified.

Before sending payment ask me if I am there to receive the payment before sending if I do not reply in 10 minutes kindly cancel the trade.

For trust users if I do not reply within 10 min do not send me any payment I will refund it to you but the sending details of your payment must be same from I received.

If you do not reply within 10 minutes, i will wait for dispute and if you reply afterwards, you will need to cancel trade and open a new trade.

You confirm that you are not purchasing cryptocurrency on behalf of others, under the instructions of others, or with the intention to use the cryptocurrency in any manner that violates the law.

You know that once BTC is released from my end what you do with it does not relate to me, e.g you being stupid sending btc out and got scammed.
I am not related, just a dealer that gives BTC for $ and it is it.

1) You must share with us your Singapore mobile number to communicate as soon as order is placed, Also give your FULL NAME match with the payment method PayLah/PayNow. If there is no reply under 10 Mins please cancel trade.

2) Number and Name you provide must be same as shown on transfer, If your name/number doesn't show up as a sender in the transfer, I will ask for screenshots that show your bank account name and number and also payment receipt.

3)Do not mention Crypto, LocalBitcoin, Bitcoin etc any where in payee name, remarks etc, it should come as personal payment to us.

4)Please don't proceed if you don't agree with the above, otherwise I reserve the right to cancel the trade, will not honor the funds you transfer to me, may hold the funds, will attempt to return the funds, and you may suffer loss.

If you need much higher volume.