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Once you open a trade, messages are end-to-end encrypted so your privacy is protected. The only case where we can read your messages is if either party initiates a dispute.
You are the buyer.
Transfer money to the seller's bank account.

1 BTC = RON48.30K

The seller chose this price — only continue if you’re comfortable with it.

About the seller

  • 100% good feedback
  • Registered March 2020
  • Online now
  • ~75 trades
  • ~$12,500 volume



Terms of trade

I don't trade outside LocalCryptos so don't bother to contact me about it.

- Your email must be verified.
- At least 1 month old account.
- for 500 - 1200 RON --> at least 3 trades with 100% feedback.
- for 1201 - 2500 RON --> at least 6 trades with 99% feedback.
- First trade limit up to 1000 RON. No first trade limit for at least 20 trades with 97% feedback.
- 24h between the first and the second trade must pass before making another one.
- No ID required.
- Clean BTC only.

- I accept the following stablecoins: USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, PAX, BIDR, TUSD and BKRW.
- You can also pay with XMR (Monero).
- You must add a unique reference message in your payment option, except for WU/MoneyGram/stablecoins/XMR. I will give you the reference in the encrypted chat.
- Cash pickup at location only for WU and MoneyGram.
- Don't send less/more money. Only the exact amount that shows in our trade.
- No PayPal/Venmo/Wave or other services related to these (e.g. Xoom).
- Be aware that bank transfers could take up to 3 business days. Usually it takes a few hours if the transfer is made during bank opening hours or 1 day during bank closing hours.
- Funding the escrow will take around 30-40 min. Be aware that if the BTC network is congested funding the escrow (transactions) could take a long time (more than 1h).

- If I don't reply in 10 min text me on Telegram @DCristian0 or send an email to