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You are the buyer.
Send a money transfer via Western Union and upload the MTCN.

1 BTC = $6,438.55

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Instant Relase BTC Ready

Terms of trade

Initiate trade and then send me a message stating a unique amount of BTC/ETH you would like to purchase…

Example order 200.11 instead of 200.00

I will confrim that I am ready and provide you with details of how to complete the WU/MG

As soon as I pick up the cash I release… Been doing this since 2013… Skrill and Venmo/Paypal payments being accepted soon…

A copy of your ID may be needed in order to comply with local laws.

No cryptos I provide are offered for illegal activities… If you need BTC for your drugs find someone else to buy from …

If you need to use another payment method let me know and we can go from there