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Once you open a trade, messages are end-to-end encrypted so your privacy is protected. The only case where we can read your messages is if either party initiates a dispute.
You are the seller.
The buyer will transfer money from their account to your bank account.

1 ETH = £153.12

The buyer chose this price — only continue if you’re comfortable with it.

About the buyer

  • 100% good feedback
  • Registered March 2018
  • Online now
  • ~55 trades
  • ~$15,000 volume


Rapid Payment

Terms of trade

GBP currency only. Online bank transfer of funds.Online delivery of coins.

Please note that the paying bank now operates a cut off time for processing payments so trades done outside business hours may not be processed until the next day.

Please keep in mind too that speed of payment varies with recipient banks. Some have taken minutes; others hours; others over a day. These are all third party providers over whom none of us have absolute control so patience might be required.

I may be away from the comp from time to time so could take a minute or two to respond. Please be patient as I will always get back to you.

It is assumed all counter parties are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, without exception.