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Uma vez aberta a transação, as mensagens serão criptografas de ponta-a-ponta a fim de garantir sua proteção. A única situação em que leremos suas mensagens será caso uma das partes inicie uma contestação.
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1 ETH = RM1,122.48

O vendedor escolheu este preço — prossiga somente se estiver de acordo.

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  • 100% de boas avaliações
  • Registrou-se em Setembro 2017
  • Visto há 5 horas
  • ~200 transações
  • ~$50,000 volume


BigPay & Boost Wallet Payment

Termos da transação

Thank you for considering to trade with me!

Please make request only when you can complete the payment within 15mins to my BigPay or Boost WALLET.

YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO THIS THE 1ST TIME YOU BUY FROM ME: Upload a clear photo of YOUR PHOTO ID (You can blot out your address if you want to.) with a SIGNED HANDWRITTEN NOTE "*YOUR_NAME_ON_ID*(*YOUR_LOCAL_CRYPTO_USERNAME*), Buying RMXX.XX of Bitcoins on, on dd/mm/yyyy, at hh:mm".

NO PAYMENT BY ANY ACCOUNT WITH A NAME OTHER THAN THE NAME ON THAT PHOTO ID! This is to prevent 3rd party scammers. Only after this step will I fund the escrow.

*Exception can be made for those who have traded with me on LBTC B4 as LBTC would have shown the verified name.

Make payment to my mobile number through the BigPay wallet.


Make payment to my mobile number through the Boost wallet.

Change the "PREFERRED NAME" under your boost account settings to your LBTC VERIFIED NAME b4 you pay. If its too long, keep the Family/last name and change the rest to initials.

NO PAYMENT BY ANY OTHER PAYMENT METHOD! Pls refer to my other ads for other payment methods.

I reserve the right to request the trade be cancelled and to refund any payment made.

By opening trade, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms, accept these terms, and agree to be bound by them.

Im in +8GMT.

If you are purchasing in the middle of the night, when almost everyone here is asleep. You can just make payment and I will release btc in the morning.

During office hrs, I may take a few minutes to respond or release escrow - I do have a day job, I'm not glued to my phone or computer all the time, and local bitcoin alerts can be delayed by a couple of minutes.

Thank you.

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