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Canada Domestic Transfer |Fast

Условия сделки

*Sent from Canada to any Bank in the world! - Personal or Business.** Can also process and provide a receipt on weekends, for it to be sent out same day Monday!

Please open a trade and specify the amount. I can trade any amount from $500 - $85,000 USD. If larger, please contact.

I will go to a branch in person and send a wire directly to you from my business account to any bank in Canada or the world. Transfers are sent priority , and wait times may be same day or up to 2 business days. When funds are in your account, and transfer verified you may complete trade.

**Please add $40 to cover sending fee.

I need the following two pieces of information for the recipient, and bank. Please follow this format and write me the message here in the trade.


First Name or Company name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip/Postel Code:
Phone Number (Optional):


Bank Name:
Street Address of the bank:
Country of bank:
State of bank:
City of bank:
Zip or Postel Code of bank:
Account Number:
Is this a business or personal account:

Any additional information/ or reference?

Thank you,

For quicker response please Call/text me 24/7:

For quicker response please Call/text me 24/7:

Business Phone/WhatsApp: +1 647-822-3005
Discord: Chicks#9999
Telegram: https://t.me/PKChicks
Email: pkclan.net@gmail.com

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